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Multi Webcam Cast is an excellent remote control application
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Multi Webcam Cast is an excellent remote control application. This tool can be useful in employee, student and home networks. It allows you to display up to 9 remote computers and control their desktops remotely. The program lets you capture images from 36 remote webcams and displays up to 9 screens at once. As Multi Webcam Cast includes MWC-Server and MWC-Client, it can capture images from any devices, such as USB camera, TV cards and many others. There is a handy interface with the main area occupied by the screens and the minimum of control buttons. As you can see, all these screens are divided into 4 groups and each group contains 9 screens. There is a Remote Desktop List that makes it convenient to switch between the screens. It is also possible to setup to change the groups automatically in a period of time you define. You can also snap a remote screen and save it in JPG format specifying the output file’s path. Using the program you can connect to the required desktop and work using the local keyboard. This function can be useful for setting up the devices remotely.

Julia Galygo
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  • Displays up to 9 screens and 36 webcams at once
  • Controls remote desktops
  • Captures images from any capture devices


  • Not free
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